Entrepreneurs like you are what makes the world go round

We are not here to change your business nor take it over.

Our aim is to provide know how and capital to further propel ahead what is already a great idea. Your business can be start-up as well as a mature business.

We are concerned about what works for the business long term.

We differ in approach from Private Equity firms.  We do not believe in creating a fast return and quick exit.  Instead we aim to build meaningful partnerships for the long haul.

No two companies are ever the same and Moelholm C&C therefore assumes a flexible approach to investing. Possible avenues for partnership:

Bringing investors on board may be the single biggest decision you as a business owner will take.

With respect to how important this decision is we designed a rigorous process that will ensure both parties can walk into the partnership with eyes wide open.

It is our aim to have a letter of intent in less than 4 weeks from initial contact to determine if common ground is shared for a fruitful partnership

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